1. To use the words of doubters as energy to succeed.       

When I first started Kuyashii Jewelry in 2016, I had zero jewelry experience. I enjoyed jewelry, but being a university business school student at the time, I found little time to focus and learn about the industry. 

Before I knew it, in my senior year of college, Kuyashii was finally gaining traction and turned from a company that was making a few sales a month into a possibly viable business with hundreds of customers.

At this point, I still had no idea what I was doing and was learning day-by-day. When graduation time came, I knew it was time to make a huge choice: Would I get the safe corporate job like my friends and continue barely growing Kuyashii, or would I devote my life to my business and craft?

Thankfully I quickly decided to fully pursue this art of jewelry. I got a 9-5 in the jewelry industry to learn the in-and-outs of the jewelry game and grinded all nights doing social media, customer support, designing, purchasing and fulfillment for Kuyashii. For a while, I was waking up at 7am for a full-time job and sleeping at 3am after packing orders.

After 2 years of grading and pricing diamonds, testing and pricing precious metals, authenticating designer jewelry and learning everything I could about the industry- I finally felt confident enough that I had the skill-set and knowledge to successfully run Kuyashii.

I decided to step down from my full-time 9-5 position and focus all my efforts on Kuyashii. With everything I've learned at my full-time jewelry job and the connections I made in the industry, I immediately began designing better jewelry and getting better production all while managing to keep costs low. Everything is still a learning process, but I firmly believe professional experience and taking the time to perfect the craft is what makes our company stand apart from the hundreds of jewelry companies available today.

We know what is in our jewelry and we can prove it. We know what constitutes good quality jewelry and we apply those techniques into every single design. We DO NOT and WILL NEVER choose products from a list and drop-ship them. 

Throughout these past 7 years, "Kuyashii" perfectly described my attitude. I was told countless times that a 19 year old couldn't run a successful company. I was told, even by those closest to me, that I should get a safe corporate job. I'm still told today that I got lucky or I got in jewelry at "the perfect time". Thankfully, I put all of that energy towards building Kuyashii Jewelry & what you see today.

-Connor Shah

Founder, Kuyashii Jewelry


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